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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

hobbies to love

My sewing & blogging over the last 6 months has taken a backseat to a few new and fab hobbies!

{ The first } obsessing over getting my little ones {and myself} settled and adjusted to living in "The Queen City"! Well that is going great, Charlotte NC is a great place to live with great people to meet and be around {I mentioned my awesome neighbors in an earlier post}... We are having so much fun meeting new friends and getting to know people. I still have to chill a little with the NY snarky attitude but I think it is dwindling, only to rear its ugly head when I am stressed and rushing! "Slow down, enjoy" is my new mantra.

{ The second }  my latest love to ... crochet! I have been having a blast whipping up some cute hats, a shawl and other little goodies { in the works: a rose granny square afgan for Ellie's room, turkey hats for the kids for Thanksgiving, Christmas hats, socks, mittens!} Here are a couple examples:
**note the adorable models

Ellie {my sweet baby girl} 

Maddy {our delightful neighbor}

 {The third }  still Pinterest! Sometimes I will just loose time on there. I really am becoming somewhat obsessed with it. I can put everything I want to do, go, eat, try, make and see in one place! I never realized how much I want to do, go, eat, try, make and see! and I keep finding more!

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