"Live your life, do your work, then take your hat." ~ Henry David Thoreau

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Welcome to The Tangled Noggin . I am Kim Savage designer/fiber artist/seamstress. My life is crochet, knit, sewing, designing + caring for family and friends...all things I love.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Resolutions and seasons for change

Twinkle Design Studio is an ever changing studio! Now under the umbrella of Twinkle Design Studio we have: Dabble Homesewn Goodies™ {homesewn goodies and fabrics galore}, Tangled Noggins™ {crochet and knit goodies}, and Smitten Stationery™  {custom stationery designs for all occasions}.  News just in! This upcoming 2012 I am launching in January  an online gallery and storefront where you can buy an item already made or place an order for a custom made item! Sounds exciting and confusing!! I still have a few details to work out but that is underway. I think this will be a big year! I am even looking around for a little extra help! Interested? email dabblestudio@gmail.com and we can chat!

 Seasons Greetings!