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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Falling short

OK so I haven't been the best at my blogging eek! but my computer was down for about 3 weeks & the kids have kept me running this summer! I am now settling into a routine {finally} with the kiddies, Matthew started school and Ellie is finding her napping schedule {I wish she slept longer} so all is well in the world of us! ... and my blogging/sewing/creative alter ego will be back on track!! Oh how I miss the old girl! I have been keeping in touch from my phone and pinning on my newest obsession Pinterest! I love it and am totally obsessed with scrolling through and keeping all the good stuff I find on the internet in one place. If you haven't already you need to check Pinterest out! ... More news: I am going to be a guest blogger on a wonderful website Maubys, more on that coming soon... In the next few weeks I will have the link to my guest blogging, links to free DIY projects and fresh new photos of Dabble's goodies!! Looking forward to it! Can you believe the  holidays are just around the corner?! Oh dear time really does fly!

PS a sewing room update: I have not made strides in my sewing room {surprise, what have I been doing?} it still looks like this:

but soon will look more like this:

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