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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Works in process

This week I have been challenging myself and developing new patterns... tunics, pillowcase dresses/shirts, skirts and dresses. I am all about running around town with my little boy in tow so I want fun, sassy, comfy clothes I can feel pretty in whether I am gardening or running my little man up to hockey. These are a few I have developed... more to come with help from my new serger {I can't believe I used to sew without one!} This week is all about more fun aprons for Wild Sage! I will post the frilly fun aprons... also if you want to choose your own fabrics stop in Wild Sage in Delmar and fill out a Customer Order form and I would love to sew it up for you ; )! ciao for now.


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  1. Hi Kim! I love the new blog design and I must say that blue skirt with the white top is my favorite! It's a great summery look!