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Welcome to The Tangled Noggin . I am Kim Savage designer/fiber artist/seamstress. My life is crochet, knit, sewing, designing + caring for family and friends...all things I love.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Resolutions and seasons for change

Twinkle Design Studio is an ever changing studio! Now under the umbrella of Twinkle Design Studio we have: Dabble Homesewn Goodies™ {homesewn goodies and fabrics galore}, Tangled Noggins™ {crochet and knit goodies}, and Smitten Stationery™  {custom stationery designs for all occasions}.  News just in! This upcoming 2012 I am launching in January  an online gallery and storefront where you can buy an item already made or place an order for a custom made item! Sounds exciting and confusing!! I still have a few details to work out but that is underway. I think this will be a big year! I am even looking around for a little extra help! Interested? email dabblestudio@gmail.com and we can chat!

 Seasons Greetings!


  1. You know I will always help! I love this stuff. Sounds like a fun and exciting new year for you. Good luck!!


  2. Me too girl! Let me know, even if it's to keep Ellie busy while you are trying to get stuff done!