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Saturday, February 12, 2011

inspiration + new projects ideas!!

My friend Kristin {a crafty girl herself} has a crafty mom that has totally inspired me!! She made, knitted by hand, for her granddaughters, dolls that might just be the cutest darn things I have seen! ... and since we are having baby girl I decided to try my hat at making rag dolls, so I looked up a few tutorials online and my mom picked me up a couple lil' books I just love!! I looked through the books and tutorials and taught myself how to make rag dolls!! LOVE them {pics coming next week}!! I am stuffing them as I type I was just so excited that I had to give kudos to Kristin + her mom for the inspiration!! Crafty friends inspire one another!

Introducing Dolly ... drum roll please

After some fun mistakes and tweeking I finally figured out how to put her all together. Now time to figure out how to make clothes for her and make some playmates... maybe Teddy {a little boy}?

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